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​​It's the year 2025. Recent scientific research on the amplification of emotions has been revealed to have "uncalled for" effects on the human brain. The idea is very simple: The emotions and actions that minorly effect you're everyday life, amplified to all you think about. Anger, sadness, and fear are examples of this. But they didn't stop there. In an effort by military science, They foolishly endeavored to amplify the feelings of the 7 deadly sins. Lust, greed, gluttony, and sloth all examples of this. Then, there is you. A minor experiment, never meant to amount to anything. You are known as obsession, and that is exactly what controls your life. But what is obsession without something to be obsessed about? Your obsession: a box. A simple, small, locked box. You can't open it, because you don't have the key. But you are obsessed with finding out what's in the box. So, you protect it. But what happens when it is taken from you? This is where our journey begins. Greed steals the box, and instead of your predicted reaction ( go completely insane and die from the rage), you go after him. Now make no mistake, you do go crazy, but you use this insanity to your advantage.
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​​EFAB standing for Extreme Fighting Arcade Blast is an arcade fighting game like Mortal Kombat but with characters based off other indie games and friends of the people in Caravan Game Studios. It is going to be developed by the Indie studio Caravan Game Studios. We are undecided currently on what it is being made with ( Java, C++, C# ). Currently more of a concept. Updates at Sourceforge
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